Thank you!

It has been an amazing journey these past years. We opened our doors in 2006 as one of the few infant care specialist services of the time. We didn’t know whether our idealism of providing Infant Care Like No Other was enough to carry us through. Now more than a decade later, we have the benefit of hindsight to tell us we did the right thing. Thanks to the amazing support of everyone (teachers, parents, adorable children included!), Rosy Hearts went beyond our humble expectations. You helped us grow tremendously in stature, if not in size. More importantly, we were given the honour of playing a small part in the lives of the children who spent their formative years with us.

It is now time for us to close this chapter of our journey. We sincerely appreciate all the generosity, kindness and blessings that were showered upon us throughout these years. These will remain an indelible part of our memories to cherish and love for the rest of our lives. And for the little ones who will forever be part of the Rosy Hearts family, you truly were our sunshine during your brief time with us. Words cannot express our gratitude. However inadequate, from the very bottom of our hearts, we wish you all the best in your continuing journey in life.